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Asphalt Paving & Repair in Lynnwood, Washington

Olympic Paving Inc. in Lynnwood, Washington, has been providing quality, professional asphalt paving and repair services to our surrounding communities for over 50 years. We continue to uphold a tradition of quality, professionalism, and friendly, knowledgeable service for our customers, promising the best service and asphalt materials possible, and backing them up with a one-year warranty on both materials and labor.

Asphalt Repair

As asphalt ages and begins to deteriorate because of either bad drainage, root damage, or sub-grade failure, it will begin to crack. Cracks create avenues for water to infiltrate in to the sub-surface. Wet, frozen, or spongy sub-grade will cause asphalt to flex and crack even more. When cracks begin to appear it is very helpful to clean and fill them with hot tar crack filler to slow down the water infiltration process and extend the life of the surrounding asphalt.

One way to repair areas of multiple cracking (alligatoring) is to cut the perimeter of the damaged area and remove and replace the asphalt. Once the asphalt is repaired it is important to seal the joints between the old and new asphalt with hot tar crack filler to minimize the chance of water infiltration in the future.
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Asphalt/Concrete Overlay

If replacing a rather large parking lot or driveway is what you want, then an asphalt overlay may be an option. Both asphalt and concrete surfaces can be overlayed if the existing conditions are not too bad. If there are obvious areas of sub-grade damage, then these areas should be removed and replaced prior to any overlay. After cleaning the existing surface thoroughly and drying any wet spots the surface is coated with tack (CSS-1), which acts like a type of glue to help the new asphalt stick to the old surface. Once the tack coat has been placed a weed killer should be applied in areas of any cracks to kill any weed presence that may exist. If the surface to be overlayed is uneven it should be pre-leveled with a very thin layer of asphalt hot mix to fill in any voids and to provide a uniform surface to overlay. The typical thickness of an asphalt overlay is 1.5"- 2" of asphalt hot mix.

New Asphalt Paving

In circumstances of a new parking lot or driveway a good solid base must be prepared prior to asphalt placement. Typically, a 2" - 6" base of crushed rock is placed and fine graded in preparation for paving depending on the condition of the sub-grade. Remember, asphalt is only as good as the ground underneath it, so a good proper base is essential. Once the crushed rock base has been prepared and compacted thoroughly, the entire surface should be covered with weed killer prior to paving. The depth of asphalt laid will depend on the intended use of the new paved areas. Standard driveways and parking stalls usually only require 2" of compacted asphalt. Drive lanes or heavy traffic areas should have 3" - 4" of asphalt. Class B or 1/2" HMA asphalt should not be laid in a single lift greater than 3" depth. If 4" of asphalt is desired it should be laid in two separate 2" lifts to ensure proper compaction.

Crushed Rock Placement/Grading

If a smooth crushed rock surface is what you desire, we are happy to provide this service as well. We can place and fine grade crushed rock in new areas or simply fine grade existing areas and add crushed rock as needed. During and after the grading operation the crushed rock will be compacted thoroughly to ensure a solid smooth surface.

Curbing, Seal Coat, and Striping

We can provide all of these services for you by way of reputable contractors that we have partnered with in the past and stand behind 100%. With one phone call we can manage all of these needs for you or we are happy to refer you to one of these contractors if you wish to deal with them directly.
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