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Asphalt Materials in Lynnwood, Washington

At Olympic Paving Inc. we feel that our customers deserve only the best in both workmanship and asphalt materials. We offer a variety of materials and services which provides flexibility and allows us to choose the best material for a specific job. Each job is different in structure, size, and surrounding environment. Different materials allow us to choose the best option for each job, whether doing a simple asphalt overlay or repair, or laying down completely new pavement.

Asphalt Materials:

Class B or 1/2" HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt)
Standard grade asphalt mix currently used on most commercial asphalt projects. Aggregate used in this mix is a combination of I/2" down to sand. PG-64-22 is the standard grade oil used in the Pacific Northwest Region. Oil content is approximately 5% in 1/2" HMA.

Class B Modified
Identical to standard Class B mix but has a higher ratio of sand added to give a less rocky appearance. A very common mix used for driveways and overlays because the added sand gives a cleaner finish when paving in more difficult situations than wide open parking lots or roads.
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Class G or 3/8" HMA
Very similar to 1/2" HMA, but the aggregate used is 3/8" down to sand. It is used to create a tighter finish desired for tennis courts, running tracks, or very thin driveway overlays.

• ATB (Asphalt Treated Base)
ATB is used as a base application instead of crushed rock. ATB's aggregate is 1 1/4" down to sand. Oil content in ATB is only 4% of mix. ATB is used as a good hard work surface during construction on commercial projects and is eventually overlayed with Class B or 1/2" HMA to provide that final finished "look".

• Crack Filler
Commonly called AR-4000 or a similar type product that contains rubber. It is heated up to liquid form and poured into cracks or joints in asphalt to reduce the chance of water infiltration into the sub-grade.

• Seal Coat
A slurry type product used to coat existing asphalt like a paint. Seal coat is used to create the new uniform black "look" and will also help protect the asphalt from gas and oil leaks.

Crushed Rock Materials

Base Course - 1 1/4" Minus
Base course crushed rock is used in applications where more stability is needed and not so much of a tight finish is desired. Base course is used when the depth of rock being placed is greater than 4" or when the sub-grade is less than ideal.

• Top Course - 5/8" Minus
Top course crushed rock is used in applications where a tighter finish or more precise grade is desired. Top course is generally used in preparation for asphalt paving or in crushed rock only situations.

• Grindings - RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product)
Recycled asphalt or grindings are now being used as part of the aggregate product in some asphalt mixes. It can also be used in lieu of crushed rock in preparation for asphalt or for grade only applications. Once graded and compacted, grindings can provide a very stable, suitable, and rather inexpensive driveway or parking surface.
As a trusted local asphalt paving contractor we use the most effective, longest lasting combination of quality material to provide a paving job that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. All of our work includes a 1-year warranty on materials and labor, so you can rest easy knowing we back our word.
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